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100% Free

Save Time & Money. You’re spending an inordinate amount of money and time on your website and your social media marketing.

Expand the Features Below for Descriptions of What You Get FREE With Food Social Site Builder.

Menu Builder allows you to add saved menu items, photos and descriptions for use in multiple different menus.

When your Fall produce is available you can include the Fall menu items on your live menu without having to build a new menu each season.

When a menu item is not available, just hide it from your live menu until it comes back in season and is available on your menu again.

Food XTC has built in the tools to automatically promote your restaurant and encourage engagement from your best fans. Schedule Posts & Social Shares.

Dramatically extend your social reach while making your life easier with scheduled posts and scheduled social media sharing.

Built in Rendez-Vous allows your fans to schedule their get togethers at your restaurant and invite their friends to join them.

Food XTC has built in amazing social media capabilities so that your restaurant can provide a place for fans to visit, communicate, share and engage with your restaurant and their friends on a daily basis.

The Food XTC platform automatically optimizes your content for great organic search engine rankings so you can be more easily found by new patrons.

SEO tools have been included for you to further adjust your SEO meta titles, meta descriptions, social media schema, moz information, image alts, descriptions and more so that you won’t have to hire an SEO to get you the rankings you deserve.

All Food XTC websites also get a free listing on Food Social Site and every post or page that you make on your website will be shown as an update on the Food Social Site Activity Stream. You get relevant exposure to local foodies and Google gets more back links to find and grade your site.

$200 Value – Food XTC Includes Two Premium Themes With Every Site.

Kleo Child and Boss Child are Premium WordPress Themes that are available on every Food XTC restaurant website. Kleo Child is The Default Theme Because of its Powerful Layout Capabilities and Integration with Food XTC’s Social Promotion Features.

Want full screen background video? No problem. Full screen sliders? No problem. Our default premium WordPress theme with Visual Composer is capable of building any design you’ve seen anywhere on the Internet. If you can dream a design, you can build it on the free Foodie package.

EVERY WordPress Restaurant Theme from the WordPress Repository is Available in Your Theme Selections.

Visual Editor is included with every Food XTC website. Visual Editor is a WYSIWYG editor allowing you to quickly and easily create posts with media.

Visual Composer is a Premium Plugin that enhances WordPress sites and themes with an extremely powerful page editing and layout set of tools. Visual Composer allows you to create any of the stunning designs you find here or anywhere on the Internet.

Food XTC has created an extensive video library that walks you through the many tools, their uses and configurations to get you started building your site like a pro.

WordPress powers so many new websites that it has become the primary target for spammers, hackers, and sploggers. Food XTC understands the security needs of WordPress and we have taken every precaution from locking down folder permissions, hardware firewall at the server level, a heuristic software firewall that actively tracks login attempts and blocks the bad players, SQL injection prevention, Captchas and a continually growing list of rules that are automatically compared to user accounts to make sure that this is always a safe neighborhood.

WordPress can be very powerful in the right hands and is almost infinitely configurable. That being said, unless you’re a WordPress expert, all you want is for your website to work, look beautiful, help you manage your business and help you promote your business on social media.

Food XTC does all of the security and software updates on a daily basis so that you don’t have to give it a second thought.

Easily integrate Open Table Reservations, MailChimp Newsletter, HubSpot, FishBowl and Other Accounts That You Already Have.

Food X

$9.99 mo.
Annual & Quarterly Prices Available
  • Your Domain Name
  • Human Resources Management
  • Staff Scheduling Tools & Dashboard
  • Points Rewards System

Let people visit to see your public website, join your site if they are fans, take reservations on your own domain name, and allow them to promote your business for you.

Post Jobs, Collect & Manage Resumes & Contacts. Never Pay to Post Your Job Again. Create Your Job Through Your Dashboard and Food XTC automatically includes your Job on Our Food Social Site Jobs Board.

Schedule Employee Shifts. Manager Roles for Managing Schedules. Employee Roles for Viewing Schedules, Engaging & Communicating with Management.

Keeps a Record of Employee Communications, Schedules & Responses.

Why pay a marketer to create your social media posts when your fans will do so much more for you?

The Points Rewards System Gives Your Best Fans the Opportunity to Earn Points for their Engagement and Promotion of Your Restaurant!

Nothing is Better for Your Restaurant Than Word of Mouth from Fans to Friends and Points Rewards Delivers!

Food XT

$19.99 mo.
Annual & Quarterly Prices Available
  • Events Management
  • Take Out & Delivery Orders
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Reservations System

Create Recurring Events for New Years Eve Dinners, Mother’s Day or any other holiday or special event.

Sell tickets, invite attendees, automatic reminder emails, communicate with attendees.

Schedule Employee Shifts. Manager Roles for Managing Schedules. Employee Roles for Viewing Schedules, Engaging & Communicating with Management.

Keeps a Record of Employee Communications, Schedules & Responses.

Avoid Open Table Fees by Adding Reservations to Your Own Website.

Account Roles for Hosts/Hostess to Manage Reservations. Approve Online Reservations, Manually Enter or Edit Reservations Made by Phone, Automatic Emails.

Single Dashboard. Manage Reservation Through the Dashboard.

Notifications Options. Be Notified Through Your Dashboard, Email and/or Text Message.

Food XTC

$29.99 mo.
Annual & Quarterly Prices Available

Everything Your Restaurant Needs to Run Business Online from the Website to Social Media.

One Dashboard for Your Restaurant’s Managers and Employees and Tools to Help You Manage Any Aspect of Your Restaurant’s Business.

Extra Robust Reservations Options. Enhanced Community Building & Site Promotion.

All in One Place. All for One Low Monthly Cost.

Three Choices for Reservations System and Restaurant Management. Enhanced Reservations Features.

Avoid Open Table Fees by Adding Reservations to Your Own Website.

Account Roles for Hosts/Hostess to Manage Reservations. Approve Online Reservations, Manually Enter or Edit Reservations Made by Phone, Automatic Emails.

Single Dashboard. Manage Reservation Through the Dashboard.

Notifications Options. Be Notified Through Your Dashboard, Email and/or Text Message.

Allows Hostess to Create and Manage Reservations Per Table.

Optionally Allow Customers to Select Table on Making Their Reservation.

Avoid MailChimp or Constant Contact fees and Manage Your Own Newsletter on Your Own Dashboard with the Food XTC Newsletter System.

Stay in Touch With Your Fans by Providing Fresh Content and Invitations Right to Their Inbox.

Your Corporate Events & Catering Customer Relationship Management System.

Stay In Touch With The Decision Makers.

Our Premium Social Fan Building Features.

Enhanced Social Media Features to Help You Grown and Engage Your Fans Right on Your Site.

Special Fan Tools to Get Them to Share Your Site on Their Own Social Accounts.

Schedule Posts, Add Your Social Accounts & Pages, Schedule Automatic Social Shares.

Cooking Something Interesting Up Today?

Share Your Live Video Stream On Your Site and Allow Fans to Engage & Share!

Reservations System

Save Money on Reservations.

Your Restaurant XTC Website Comes With A Full Reservations System, Mobile Responsive Reservations Web Page and Dashboard for Reservations Management & Manual Entry.

Powerful Features

Cloud Hosted Restaurant Websites With Full Reservations System, Menus Management, Social Reward Points, Operations Management and Your Own Social Network for Your Fans. See the Benefits Below.


DIY Restaurant Website Builder
  • Free Domain
  • Premium Theme
  • Design Templates
  • Revolution Slider
  • Visual Composer
  • Fan Social Site
  • Built in Security
  • Built in SEO
A La Carte Add-Ons
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Dynamic Menus
  • Points Rewards System
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Jobs & Recruiting
  • Delivery Orders
  • Social Promote
  • Your Own Domain Name
Custom Designed

We Design a Turnkey Website for Your Restaurant with Reservations, Points Rewards, Employee Management and Social Area for Fans.

Design Support

We Built this App to Be an End to End Solution for Restaurants.

Build Your Site on Our Secure High Performance Platform and We Provide Expert Customization as Needed.

restaurant website design menu

Reservations System Saves You $1,000 Per Month

Open Table charges restaurants $1,200 to create an account on their proprietary restaurant reservations system. After that, there are charges per reservation. If a restaurant books 1,000 tables per month through Open Table, then they are paying around $1,200 per month. You could have a reservations system on your website and avoid those booking fees altogether.

Automatic Social Media Marketing

We think that social media and word of mouth advertising is the absolute best way for your restaurant to brand and market to the people that love your food and service. Our platform brings the power of all of that social media to your site. You own your own social fan group right on your own website. Combined with the Points Rewards, your restaurant could create a huge network of loyal patrons that invite their friends.

Fan Engagement

Similar to a Facebook Group, of which almost every restaurant has, the social features that we build into our restaurant sites will help keep fans engaged with your restaurant and website. Each of your fans can create their own profile and have control over their privacy and notification settings.

Points Rewards System

Instead of paying Facebook to boost posts for your page or a marketing middleman to make posts for you, why not reward your fans for their social engagement? It’s far more effective social marketing and it rewards your most evangelical fans.

Automated Customer Emails

We have a robust newsletter system for email marketing and we also have automated emails and onsite notifications based on what your fans are doing on your site so they get personalized messages written the way you want.

Your Own Social Fan Network

When your fans join your site and use it to engage with each other, invite friends, make posts, like your posts, share pictures at your restaurant and anything else, they are doing it all on your own website with your restaurant’s name and branding. All of the activity, repeat visitors and content makes your site a lot more interesting socially and more interesting to Google.

Fan Tools

Your Fans can use the Rendez-Vous tool to create a get together at your restaurant, invite their friends to lunch and manage each event as a group. Fans will be able to plan better and know who is attending or not.

Fans Can Invite Friends

Would you be willing to give a dollar off coupon to one of your patrons if they brought in a friend who hasn’t been to your restaurant before? Give your fans rewards points for inviting their friends to join your site’s social network.

Cloud Hosted

We manage the cloud hosting for you always making sure your site is fast. We continually re-invest in our server and data center capabilities. Your site is capable of using up to 24 processors, has real time mirroring for fail over, solid state drives and is on a tier 1 data center with all of the physical and cyber security of the biggest companies online.

Managed Security

Hackers and spammers are always trying to find a way to post their junk on the websites everyone else builds. They are relentless and talented. Security of the entire network and platform is our highest priority. We manage all of the site security with several layers of hardware and software protection and continually test and update code.

Your Own Domain Name

Free domain name or we can map your own domain name to your site for complete branding.

Email Accounts

If you have your domain name mapped on your website, then we can include email accounts for your restaurant @yourdomainname.

Employee Management

Not only can you create and manage employee scheduling, employees are automatically notified of additions or changes to the schedule.

Employee Rewards

Let the light shine on the front of the house, the chef, cooks and other staff. Your hosts and wait staff have their fans too! Reward your employees for their engagement on your website using the points rewards system. You could optionally allow your fans to rate staff individually and use that as a basis for points bonuses.

Unlimited Options

You can take all, some or none of the features available. Feature pricing allows you to only pay for what you need and want on your site.

Flexible Packages

The “Foodie” Free Restaurant Website Builder is 100% FREE and includes our cloud hosting, advanced security, social features, premium website theme and you have the ability to add available features.


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