About Food XTC

Why Choose Food XTC as a Marketing Platform for Your Food Business?

Food XTC was developed to help small independent restaurants, grocers, caterers and food manufacturers by helping them manage their entire online presence from one low cost yet highly effective platform while making it easy to build beautiful feature rich websites. Let me introduce myself and my company. I’m Brian Bateman and I am CEO of SEO, LLC. SEO, LLC owns several businesses online (webdesignxtc.com, seoxtc.com, ppcxtc.com and many more portals & websites).

SEO LLC has been providing Internet Solutions since 1995, which means that we pioneered many of the SEO techniques and best practices used by search engine optimization providers all over the world. SEO LLC engineered multilingual local search engines that rivaled Google’s and wrote the rules that help all search engines keep out spam results. SEO is in our DNA.

Food XTC was built to help your Food business grow by automatically implementing our proprietary search engine optimized platform into every aspect of the Food XTC platform. We are continually adding to the site through our own Food blog, now at over 11,000 video posts and contributions from Chefs, Foodies, Food Bloggers, Fans and Food Businesses via their own profile pages, wall, site activity feed, comments, reviews, websites & local listings.

All of that content and engagement will build your business by creating more opportunities for exposure to our Foodies and in all search engine results pages.


Food XTC Developer Network

Food XTC is the culmination of the work of thousands of individual WordPress, BuddyPress, Geo Directory and WPMUDev coders and builders. There is strength in having such a large and passionate developer network and it allow us to continually update and bring new features to the Food XTC platform which all sorts of Food related businesses use to promote their businesses online.

WordPress developers will find the Food XTC platform entirely familiar, as the site is based upon the most recent WordPress core. Food XTC is created upon a WordPress multisite configuration, which allows Food XTC to provide licensed full versions of Premium Themes & Plugins. Pre-Configuration of Common “Must Have” plugins like Domain Mapping, Caching, Image Compression, Image Resizing, Content Delivery Network, Security, Spam Prevention, Search Engine Optimization and Social Marketing saves website designers & developers days of configuration time and helps designers deliver more complete website solutions in less time.

Food Social Site Website Builder

Businesses know that they need to market on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and they are absolutely right. The problem is that small businesses have to pay a staff member or a social media marketing company to create posts, then only get about 1% reach of their post to their fans unless they want to spend additional money on advertised or promoted posts.

The Food Social Site concept is simple enough. The Food XTC platform allows small restaurants to build their website as engaging and meaningful as Gordon Ramsay’s website at a tiny fraction of the complexity or cost. Food Social Sites are membership sites specifically designed for restaurants to allow their fans to join them, follow them and engage with them while still getting the posts to Facebook but taking advantage of 100% fan-reach to their fans and beyond to our other foodie members.

Whether you build your site yourself or hire a WordPress designer to use the Food XTC platform to build your site, you get over $15,000 worth of plugins available that give you the ability to quickly deploy a website that your fans will visit repeatedly, market on Facebook and Twitter and G+ automatically, cnsistantly get great search engine rankings while avoiding the need to spend hours per week doing backups, updates and maintenance.

Food Place Listings

We are a customer centric business. We are aware of the fact that unscrupulous competitors sometimes try to trash the reputation of good businesses by creating fake reviews. Fake reviews are sometimes quite transparent, but if you’ve every tried to report a bad review to Google then you know that they rarely if ever remove a bad review. Same goes with Facebook.

I suppose it is to be expected when you’re working with multi-billion dollar international corporations. Food Social Site reviews every member and every review for legitimacy before it goes live and harms a business. If one gets past our team, we have an easy way to report a review (or comment, or business or user) that will actually work.

One caveat! We want to promote good food businesses fairly. We don’t want to be promoting bad food or bad business, so we have a simple policy to remove any listings or sites for businesses that have over 50% bad reviews. They can’t all be wrong, right?



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