Our Promise to You

Restaurants, Bakeries, Food Trucks, Farmer’s Markets etc. have one thing in common other than food.

They are all businesses and need to be able to operate profitably in order to stay in business and pay employees.

Food XTC recognizes that your food business employs real people and provides for families and their homes.

Food XTC developers put their love of helping families and businesses thrive into the development of the Food Social Site platform and has made it the LEAST expensive way to successful online marketing and business management for restaurants and food businesses.

  • We promise to never stop striving to provide the highest level of support and features and keep the costs low through increased efficiency.
  • We promise to continue to develop our existing and new features to help your restaurant or food business grow more profitable, save you time and help you run your day to day business operations.
  • We promise to keep your website and plugins up to date and layer security to keep your site safe for you and your fans from spammers and data hackers.
  • We promise to continually upgrade our Tier 1 Data Center Cloud Servers to keep your website as fast as can be with no site interruptions.
  • We promise to automate as many technical tasks as possible so that you don’t have to spend your time on image optimization, search engine optimization, social media posts, website caching etc. because it is done automatically.

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